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This is Application Level Test System for UFS/eMMC. It is designed to be used existing Handler for mass production. Also, customer can apply new product by just changing Controller(AP) Board. Test Scripter is provided for free programing and H/W LIB by customers

  MET-2000 MUT-1000
Target Device eMMC UFS
Version 5.0 (HS-400 @ 400Mbps) 2.0 (HS-G3 x 2Lane @ 5.8Gbps)
Parallel Testing 256 DUTs / System
DPS 0~5V/1A, 3CH/DUT 0~5V/1A, 3CH/DUT
DUT Concept HIFIX Type DUT Concept
Temp Operation -10℃ ~ 85℃ Temp Operation
Communications Server to AP (Ethernet) Communications
Software Main UI, Scripter, Handler I/F, Test Log, Test Result Software
Dimension 1140 x 740 x 1050 Dimension
Weight 300 Kg Weight
Power 17KW (220V, 3 Phase, 45A) Power