Meritech's 3 Principles of Management



Law and ethics are observed.

Business Printers

- Respect the basic human rights of all individuals and ensure that there is no discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, etc. against customers, employees and other stakeholders.

- comply with the laws of the State and of the local community, and shall not obtain unjust profits in an unlawful manner contrary to commercial principles



Healthy Organizational Culture

Healthy Organizational Culture

- Strictly separate public and private in all operations and prioritize the legal interests of the company.

- Internal intellectual property and confidential information shall not be leaked to the outside without prior approval, respecting the intellectual property of others and not infringing on them.

- To create a sound organizational atmosphere, build co-existence and co-prosperity relations based on mutual trust and smooth communication.



It values environment, safety, and health.

Environmental & Safety & Health

- They pursue eco-friendly management, comply with safety regulations, create a comfortable working environment, and prevent accidents.

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